Blue chips in red sea

My premonition of STI breaking support in June turned out to be true, just that I didn't anticipate the big plunge. :(

STI is on average down 25.1% from it's all time high this year. 8 counters have gone down 30% or more from their all time high. All counters suffer price decline with the only exception of SATS.

I did not go digging up each business's net profit/loss. Interested to go blue chip shopping yet? Then you could perhaps look up on the business profit/loss and maybe the dividend yields for those that interest you.

And once again the advice here is - don't catch a falling knife.

*Correction: STI was down 26.2% when CapitaLand is factored in instead of Singapore Exchange (repeated lines). 


  1. Hi RainbowCoin,

    I chance upon your blog after seeing your comment in another financial blog.

    I have a finance site - which consolidates all good financial blogs making it easier for anyone who wants to read about Investing and Personal Finance articles.

    I enjoyed your articles on your transition to be a full time investor and I will like to seek your consent to publish your articles of no more than 150 words in my site.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    PS: I have started shopping but just a little bit. How about you?

    1. Hi Derek, thank you for visiting my humble blog.

      I have visited your site even prior to receiving your comment and been following some financial blogs from there. I find very neat and easy to navigate with a good selections of finance-related articles. So yes please feel free to publish /link any of my articles that you find worthy, it is my honor.

      PS: I am still looking at some blue chips to meet my target price before the swop. Currently I am still a full time salaried worker. :)

    2. Hi,

      Thanks for your permission. I have published your article on "10 Rules to closing sales". Can I also request to my site into your blogroll?

      Stocks rallied today especially the blue chips. More time to accumulate your war chest ya.

      I hope that my humble site will bring in more readers to your blog, and all the best in your financial journey.


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