PC blank screen troubleshoot

If you have just moved house and find that your PC doesn't start up after the 'shake'. Fret not. Instead of sending it for a $20 troubleshoot, you can try troubleshooting it by yourself in 10 minutes.

My PC has been cranky since moving house and one fine day upon booting the CPU, it gave a long beep sound with the monitor remaining blank (black). I was contemplating whether I should bring it for repair because re-plugging in of the cables and restarting did not help. However, my PC is already long past warranty. So I decided to give DIY a shot with nothing to lose.

Ok, here we go.

First look for the key screw, unscrew and slide off the back / side panel casing (depending on your PC model, mine is side). Long beep refers to problem with some cards or the hard disk. So check them out. I took out the memory module seated somewhere in the middle of the motherboard beneath the ribbons, dust it a little and put it back. 

Putting it back is a little tricky because after sliding it into the slot it won't catch. You have to press both ends firmly using the same amount of force with the thumbs in a straight downward direction (so that I won't crack anything) until the two opened notches at the side flipped back and 'catch' the module in place. If the card is correctly put in place, it shouldn't slide or budge.

When I on my PC thereafter, tadaa... it started up perfectly and was smooth running per normal. 

If I have sent it for repair, the repairman could have cheated me by saying must change spare parts or whatever, when all that is needed is re-sit the loose card in PC.



  1. Now that's cool rainbowcoin!

    I would have done it the caveman way - bang bang it a few times. LOL!

    You are indeed daebak :)

    Most girls would just call their oppas ;)

  2. Tried caveman way already - it worked once and reverted back to spoilt state. I think I am more technical savvy than my oppas. keke


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