What I learnt about doing sales

In sales you need to be extroverted, humble and polite. Certainly not for those who refuse to 'stoop down'.

Very often sales person like to show off all their products, describing the good points for each of them, try to hard-sell, or work from their own perspective eg. selling the pricey one. These are actually WRONG.

1) First, you need to work from your CUSTOMER's perspective. Find out what is it they are looking for. Test their intention to buy. If they have no intention to buy or have no idea what they are looking for, telling them everything about your products is probably going to be futile and meaningless. These group of customers are what I call "Browsers". Ask questions, waste time, then say "I will think about it". But browsers may become potential buyers in future.

2) Next, emphasize or reflect the desired properties that they want in the selected product. Address any concerns that they may have which hinder their decision to buy.

Things that they might be concern with are:

- Price
- Suitability
- Durability
- After sales service

3) Lastly, close the sales. Ask if they want to make the purchase. If not, repeat Step 2. After addressing all their concerns they should be satisfied customers. :)



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