The market also got "shaken"

STI has fallen to 2,951.07. Market outlook is not at all optimistic following Japan's major earthquake. Although Singapore is far, but companies with investments in Japan would be impacted more or less. I am seeing many reassurance news popping up by such companies.

1) SPH now at $3.85, is this going to be a support?

2) Bakertech has managed a rebound from my predicted support point at $0.30

3) Capmallasia hits new low at $1.73, Capitamall seems a safer ground

"Do not attempt to catch a falling knife" - so I decided to stick by this practice, wait and see if market would stabilize or get worse...

As compared to making small market losses as market turned bleak, it is really nothing compared to those who have lost their home and families in the recent disaster. Be glad that we are safe and living in peacefulness. If you are Singaporean reading this blog, donations to the Japan Earthquake can be made via Red Cross, refer to link -



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