A few good inspirational quotes

Don't succumb to the Monday blues.

  - Andre Gide 
Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

- David Mahoney 
Trust your hopes, not your fears.

- George F. Tilton 
Success is never final and failure never fatal. It's courage that counts.

To achieve something, we just need three steps:

1) Set your goal
2) Plan your actions
3) Do it

Sometimes along the way when we are tired, think of something that can motivate us and push us along.

When we are afraid, summon our courage but be prepared to face the worse. Else have a contingency plan.

Don't be overly pessimistic but also don't be overly optimistic in life. Balance is the keyword.

Keep trying.
Try and fail, but move on with a lesson.
Try not and we'll never know what would have been the outcome.



  1. Hmm.. Let us hear SMOL on three steps :-)

  2. You guys are so funny. K, let's wait for the poke.

  3. Rainbow girl,

    They so bad one!

    Don't listen them. Come to think of it, don't listen to me too!

    As you gain more life experience and confidence in what you think or feel, you may even ignore the 3 inspirational quotes you have posted above ;)

    Isn't it better to coin inspirtational quotes from Rainbow girl yourself?

    If your inspiration comes from within (warm blooded), you are in control of your destiny.

    If you rely on inspirations from without (cold blooded), then when your "energy" source moves away, you'll be lost...

    As for your just 3 steps is all we need, that meant you have achieved everything you had wanted so far ;)

    You lucky girl! I'm glad for you :)

    In the event you didn't achieve what you wanted in the future, do share with us your "crash got sound" reflection ;)

    Don't let me jinxed you!

    1. Hi SMOL,

      That's a very "non-poke" from you, very zen...

      I have no inspirational quote per say to share though I hope that some of my posts had inspired somebody. This blog itself is already an inspiration for me, to keep up my journey to seek investment knowledge and financial independence.

      "Just 3 steps" is not "just 3 days", and not even "just 3 years" as any of the steps could take much time and struggle to be completed. I have not achieved everything that I had wanted, some I have been stuck at step 2 and some at step 3. Step 3 fail, go back to 2 and repeat.

      Then when we have tried countless times, we might start to think there's something wrong with the goal in the first place.

      I think might need to add a step 4 - never give up. :P

    2. Rainbow girl,

      Must be fair to you mah.

      You still at the follow the cookbook recipe stage ;)

      I rather poke those who crossed the river but still can't let go of the sampan...



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