Be our own life architect

- In search of life purpose -

We can derive immense happiness and satisfaction when we are able to create and build the things we want in life. (More so if these things can be shared with others and be well appreciated for.)

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In school, we have been taught to rote-learn and herd-think, which inadvertently made us less creative and able to do independent thinking in our younger days. When this herd-think comes from our parents and grandparents (or close relatives), the pressure made us even less daring to try to be different, to create and build what we think is right because we are afraid of getting shamed by the herd from being different or for failing.

Ironically, when we don't know what is it that we want in our lives, we could be easily instigated and presented with blueprints to build things that OTHERS want. Praises, rewards, status, boosted ego, all of which are somewhat ephemeral, got grossly mistaken for happiness.

Perhaps one day, the epiphany will come to us that what we thought was happiness was bestowed upon by others. We need to swing that hammer to demolish the walls not built by our intent. Being our own life architect is to create the blueprints to build the things, the life which we truly want, even if it means going from scratch. 

It may be a toxic career, ailing business, or a failed marriage. It's tough for sure, but we need to understand it as a purposeful endeavor and get over the sense of sunken cost.

By doing that, we empower ourselves to seek for betterment and happiness; start loving and living life.

Unfortunately, there are some who never got out of the inertia or find the courage to pick up that hammer. And for others, set invisible shackles on themselves - for a lifetime.

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