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First takeaway of the year for trading

The first takeaway of the year is that I have not learnt the art / skills of setting stop loss properly and got freakin' whipped out (as a weak holder) before the share price started to climb. This is a perfect example of how real life action vs practice vs theory can be so different. Eh hem, k, I am not much of a practice person. Despite all that witchcraft of line drawings (doing TA), market observations and having mostly the right stock picks, I still cannot master my mind and psychology well enough to score some home runs with 2019 being a good stock year.  This shall be another "try again" year.  I am still skeptical about how much higher the bulls can run (which made me terrified of holding long trades for too long). Next update is...  I have finally dipped my toes into crypto. That was after much introduction from a fellow blogger Unintelligent Nerd.  Currently the way I trade crypto is purely using TA, no FA. I am not learned enough to do