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My DeFi adventure

How dumb a timing can that be right? Especially when I just blogged about crypto cycle and DCA .  Nevertheless, I think it's a good learning experience and I didn't regret for not sitting on my hands. Let me share some quick takeaways that I have from dabbling in this very intriguing space. (Due to the high gas cost when I started, I migrated most of my funds to Polygon which is a Layer 2 solution to bypass the high gas cost on the Ethereum mainnet.) SushiSwap liquidity mining

The Awakening 2

I wrote at the end of my post The Awakening that I will post Awakening 2 when the crypto market crashes. Lo and behold, I have to put up this post sooner than I thought (it's been like less than 3 weeks?!).  I hope my Awakening post didn't cause anyone to chase the ATH. Ouch! (Wait, first let me dig out my blog disclaimer as shield.)

Making sense of some Defi concepts 2 - Liquidation

In this post, I will talk briefly about the main risk of participating in  lending and borrowing Defi protocols  eg. Makerdao, Aave - which is  liquidation  and what can lead to it.

Different spaces but same logics

Defi stands for Decentralized finance. Tradfi stands for Traditional finance. If you are new to cryptocurrency, I would encourage you to read a little more in-depth on Blockchain platforms  here before you get started. Here are my five investment logics:

The Awakening

So this is how the story goes... Current BTC market cap  $1,049,693,871,380   [Source: ] (I know that the limelight is away from bitcoin for now. For crypto natives.) Ooh... just nice that Seth Godin's new post today is - But How Will You Know? When this insane crypto market crashes, I will post The Awakening2. -- Related posts: Making sense of some Defi concepts Some thoughts - tokens & asset backed crypto Like what you read? Follow me on  Facebook  or  Twitter  for updates and news that I dig. Check out  my referrals  for fantastic sign up bonuses on SAXO, Moomoo, Gemini, Celsius, Blockfi and more. 🤗 Thanks for reading! Disclaimer: Contents of this blog are personal opinions and NOT financial advice to buy or sell any mentioned securities, commodities or assets.

Making sense of some Defi concepts - Yield farming

I am too lazy to explain so I shall just drop a video by Finematics here. They create really good introductory and explanatory videos on various aspect of cryptocurrency. Below the clip are some quick notes and a few articles for reading pleasure.