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The Truth About FIRE

Richard Coffin @ The Plain Bagel Quoting -  "Often I ll see someone promoting FIRE as something that comes down more to mindset than your circumstance as though it's something available to everyone." Quoting -  "Whether it's worth taking the risks and downsides associated with FIRE comes down to your own VALUE ." My takeaway on whether FIRE is for one or not is very simple -  Can FIRE bring you what you desire and enjoy in life? Related posts: Retirement planning  3 ways (NOT) to be a post-retirement sluggard Thoughts about Financial Freedom part III  Thoughts about Financial Freedom part II  Thoughts about Financial Freedom part I Like what you read? Follow me on  Facebook  or  Twitter  for updates and news I dig. Check out my referrals for fantastic sign up bonuses on SAXO, Moomoo, Gemini, Celsius, Blockfi and more. 🤗 Thanks for reading!


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