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Trendline drawing is fun!

Decided to do some trendline drawing practice out of boredom. Just a few stocks I was watching. Pictures paint a thousand words? (Hack care about macd, stoch, rsi and what not... just kidding) Keppel Can't seem to break out of its downtrend channel. Secondary uptrend occurred since my  previous update  but uptrend broken once ex-dividend. :(  Lippomall Going sideway soon?   Noble After being ditched by STI, will this salted fish break out to life again? OCBC On a happy steep climb. For now. * Disclaimer: These are NOT investment advice. Your own discretions apply in the chart usage. Charting workflow in a nutshell - Zoom out to 5 years or maximum, zoom in to 2 years, zoom in to 6 months or even more recent depending on your trade time horizon . See the macro and micro trends. - Find trend, draw lines. Lines should be touching closing price of candles. (no trend don't enter. sideway stocks don't enter. downtrend can consider shorting

6 rights, 2 wrongs

Is that a right overall?  Wrong. "It's not whether you're right or wrong that's important, but how much money you make when you're right and how much you lose when you're wrong." - George Soros *** Check out my  Blog Archives here  for previous posts

Back to school - SGX academy

Yoz! Am back from Taiwan. Since now I am so free and officially a slacker, I thought I would sign up for course or two at SGX academy. Good to be student again once in a while. My advise for this is don't attend FOC preview courses, because most of the time you will be listening to just-some-ideas and much self-selling (to make you attend the actual course). For better learning experience and not waste time, go for the paid courses that suit your level. The recent course I went for is on technical trend trading for beginners (3 hours). Prior to this I have had some knowledge on technical analysis but going for live talk on it was far more entertaining and enriching than book-reading I feel. Reasons being: - Case studies on Singapore stocks - Some experience sharing by speaker - Gist of the books summarized in slides format - No distractions of wanting to do other things or skip chapters The basic trading principles and best practices coincide neatly with what I have lear

Book reviews: The Next Apple & Bull's Eye Investing

The Next Apple This is a new-age book which I discovered in the library on investing. To sum it up, the strategy that the authors advocated is mostly applicable at the start of a bull run or in good economy times (stable stock market) because it's main tactic is to pick the stock when it keeps climbing and goes pass its 52-week high with at least 50% break-out from a technical base. More of a technical read than fundamental, it's teaching us how to ride on momentum stocks. However, I find the authors contradicting themselves by saying you should buy stocks that fulfilled the momentum criteria when not many people of the public know about those stocks yet (well, the only reason I could think of which caused the momentum would then be institutional investors who are driving the stock prices up and not so much of retail investors). Some take-home points about risk management (one of my favourite topics to read): Pick stocks that have potential to appreciate s

What do you need to trade SIP / CFD

Besides money, you will also need... KNOWLEDGE! SG brokerages now require clients to take some tests before they are allowed to trade SIPs (specified investment products) or CFD (contract for difference) if they are not working in finance-related fields, do not have prior finance certifications or have no trading history of such instruments for at least 6 times in the preceding 3 years. It's basically the same idea as having to pass the driving theory tests before we could get into the driver's seat and start engine. Maybe the next thing you know they would start making risk management course compulsory so you have no excuse to point any finger and say "I didn't know that...". Shhh... Where to find knowledge? You can take the courses at: SGX e-learning  (takes about 2-3 hours to complete) OR   (each course consists of about 60 slides with a 15-question quiz at the end of each set) It's free of charge. O


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