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Random thoughts - persuasion

The "boss": If (paint a beautiful picture), then you can (do what I want)? Miss Logical: If it is something that is NOT happening now and may not happen in future, how can I do (what you want)? IF is based on the assumption that something may happen. Excuse me... but I am talking about the situation NOW. --- The "boss": When (paint an ideal scenario), then you can (do what I want)? Miss Obstinate: Err... how is that different from just now the 'if...' that you said? Ok nevermind, so WHEN that happens then you tell me to go and do ok? --- The "boss": I will give you A, B, C, D... (dangle candy). Miss Tell-me-now: *roll eyes* Yeah that only happens now when I want to say goodbye. Thank you but no thanks. Bye. ***


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