Life and gaming

Gaming is a never-ending time-wasting hobby; it requires high energy input, variable satisfaction output, momentarily high mood, and low work output.

I used to play a lot of computer games. Much less now as I have come to realize it can be a real waste of time. Some questions I asked myself:  "so what if you are the top scorer?", "so what if you reach level 100?". There will just a never-ending slew of new quests and more levels to beat as the game developers attune the games such that you can never reach an "end point".

However, I won't write off gaming entirely. Gaming can evoke your IQ, make you learn something new or improves one reflexes. I mostly prefer playing strategy-based games such as Seven Kingdoms. Only have to be mindful in staying out of addiction.

Lately, I have played this game call 'Dragon Fly' which is a game of reflex to make you fly a baby dragon as far away as possible while avoiding obstacles. Later, I realized that I need to accomplish certain tasks for my little dragon to level up (eg. collect one speed vial) before reaching realm four. No wonder I haven't been able to level up! 

Just like in life, if we want to level up, we have to first identify our objectives and work towards achieving them. Just going about your daily life blindly with no goals in mind is like playing a game and forever not leveling up - wasting time.

In Seven Kingdoms, I have learnt the power of monopoly. When one can monopolize all the resources found, conquering other kingdoms is just a matter of time. The winning objective of the game is to eliminate all the other ruling powers in the same land and you can play against a max of six other kingdoms.

In the card game San Guo Sha, I have learnt the importance of teamwork and what is call synergism. Every character has their own special abilities. Some special abilities work particularly well with that of another character eg. Zhen Ji can get more card drawing turns with the card swapping ability of Sima Yi. Huang Gai can do multiple suicide attempts wih Hua Tuo around to save him. It is a game of wit and luck but needs more wit. With the right combination or 'gui ren', a character with seemingly insignificant ability can also become a powerful kingpin. The same can be applied in work and life as each of us also has our own special talents and strengths.

If life is a game, what is your life goals and strategies?

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