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Borrow and sell

I am seeing so many sg investment gurus out there selling "snake oil" courses by borrowing textbook investing ideas, ranging from Value investing to (a more recent ad that I saw on Youtube) Barbell strategy. Perhaps there will be crypto trading or "value crypto investing" courses ads popping up next. Just that there aren't many "famous ideas" out there to borrow for cryptos currently.  The time might come when crypto has reached super euphoria and more mainstream (I hope we are approaching soon) phase. As it will be easier for the gurus to sell their courses to "bei kambing", make themselves sound more believable and then squeeze more money from it.  But, but, but these gurus are NOT the ones who truly made tons of money from what they preach. Eh? They got rich by "borrowing ideas / theories" and packaging them into something sellable to the masses. They got rich with YOUR money! Want FOC investing ideas? Simple... Start reading som

Investing vs Buying household items

How you choose a product / security to invest in is actually not very different from how you would buy a household item. Just that the cost of it is magnified and it may be intangible. It's in common sense that we want our new household item to 1) Serve its intended purpose well You want to be able to use the item to your intended purpose so that you can do work much more efficiently with it. Otherwise, consider to get something else instead. Similarly, you want your investment to work for you and give you the expected ROI (returns on investment) eg. through dividends, capital appreciation. 2) Be value for money You don't want to overpay for your item. Naturally for that purpose you will wait until it goes on a sale or you would compare prices for the lowest between various shops (if there's no price standard set).  Also, if two different items can serve the same purpose equally well or requiring the same effort for use, then naturally you will opt for the cheaper one. Chea


在人生中偶尔要体会一下独自旅行。 独自旅行不一定要出国,也不一定要去游走。它可以是一个心灵上的旅行。当然如果是实际性地出国旅行,也可以是一种心灵上的旅行体验。 独自旅行是一个 强化心智的过程 。通过独自旅行,我们能够学会不依赖别人,学会自己做决定,自己为自己的选择负责,并找寻适合自己的道路。独自的好处在于不被别人所支配或束缚 - 旅途中要跑,要走,要停留,要摸索都行。自己能享受属于自己的自由。 独自旅行的途中我们会遇到同道之人,帮助我们的人或情同陌路的过客。也有可能遇到想某害我们,利用我们或骗我们的人。无法辨识的人既可以对所遇到的人和事都视若无睹,可那不就浪费了此行的意义。人来人往,缘聚缘散,也不需要太执着。 独自旅行 并非孤立自己 - 而是让自己走出自己的狭小舒适范围, 从而增长智慧,了解自己,了解更广阔的天地和人事物。 Photo by  Luigi Estuye, LUCREATIVE®  on  Unsplash 你独自旅行了吗? Like what you read? Follow me on  Facebook  or  Twitter  for updates and news that I dig. Check out  my referrals  for fantastic sign up bonuses on SAXO, Moomoo, Gemini, Celsius, Blockfi and more. 🤗 Thanks for reading!

Vulnerability of cryptocurrencies

Read  Flash crash shows intrinsic vulnerability of cryptocurrencies To put what's in the article in a nutshell: 1) Cryptocurrencies are unlikely to replace fiat currencies, simply because governments would not want them to. Why would gov want to give up their money-printing rights and agendas? 2) They are prone to facing regulatory challenges as what are happening now. Yes, now and in the near future. 3) They are prone to scalability issues and volatility. Just look at those new regulations coming into place in some of the European countries as well as Korea (where even grannies and grandpas speculate cryptos). And it seemed not very difficult for governments to issue ban on cryptocurrencies  either, for good reasons.  Biden's recent tax hike proposal will also have an impact on both crypto and stocks markets (crypto gains are taxable in the US).  (Hot fiat moving to fund crypto economy? Hmm... better to take some back.) What does it mean for bitcoin? What I can say is... it is

Some thoughts - tokens & asset backed crypto

I want to deepen my understanding on how things work or could work out, and the risks when things don't work out the way we thought they would. Not a bleeding heart here and also no interest in putting up sexy posts on how much money I have made in crypto, I am not a numbers showy blogger. Just wanna share some articles I have came across and points to highlight.  Read also my previous post on  Making sense of DeFi Crypto tokens With tokenized assets on the rise, we are seeing more and more platforms / institutions capitalizing on them (legit or not I don't know, DYDD). Yes there are tokens for all sorts of things from tweets, collectibles, gold, to even  Astrea bonds ! Mind you that tokens are not equal to cryptocurrencies, although you can swap cryptocurrencies for tokens.  NFTs are a subset of crypto tokens. You can read about tokenization here . Tokens are units of value that blockchain-based organizations or projects develop on top of existing blockchain networks. While th

Making sense of Defi concepts - AMM

Introducing one of the popular Defi application out there - AMM, which stands for  Automated Market Maker (AMM) . What is an Automated Market Maker (AMM)? General definition of a market maker by Investopedia: A market maker is a individual market participant or member firm of an exchange that also buys and sells securities for its own account, at prices it displays in its exchange's trading system, with the primary goal of profiting on the bid-ask spread, which is the amount by which the ask price exceeds the bid price a market asset. It is typically a bank or financial institution. Read also: In the DeFi space they have it automated, letting the community profit instead. Hoo ha! "Not only can you trade trustlessly using an AMM, but you can also become the house by providing liquidity to a liquidity pool. This allows essentially anyone to become a market maker on an exchange and earn fees for providing liq

Revisit: Why do we often make fair but not excellent investment decisions

This article was first published on 21 Aug 2020 After coming across Dr Wealth's article  , I thought I would give this post a revisit with some additional points. --- Why is it that common folks often make fair investment decisions and end up with fair returns?   Being afraid of the EXTREMES We were taught in theory that everything should strike a balance. Don't go to the extremes... and we will be pretty safe, isn't it? That's right and you might even thank yourself for it. Anything with ratios that are too extreme may smell like trouble. For instance, price /NAV of Eagle hospitality trust is at a record low of 0.17, Lippo Malls is 0.44, but will one dare to buy?  Certainly not! It's for obvious reasons. Then... Afraid of buying into the All Time High Over-valued stocks This is another subset of fearing extremes. Many times we missed catching growth stocks until their sh


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