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Inflation, crypto bank run and investment updates

I am finally back again after a 3 months blog hiatus. Not crushed or lost in space. I have started a 35h-per-week contract work and on my rest days I was preoccupied with taking care of the family, household chores, going out with friends, reading novels and basically just chilling. Here's some quick updates. Inflation Despite most impacted by the rise in food prices, in terms of household expenses inflation, my family managed to get by comfortably enough on tingkat and homecook food. My next highest personal expenditure, after transportation, is meal-out with friends. With my regular work hours, income level has improved with slight sacrifice in terms of energy level. So I figured it justifies having those $20-per-pax dinners occasionally.  I am made poorer too by my favourite eat-out food that have gone up in price by 10% or more! Mcd FOF meal $5 --> $5.80, Stuff'd chicken burrito $7.30 -> $8.10, Subway value meal $5.90 -> $6.50. T.T Currently going on overseas trips


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