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Luck or Hard work to Catch 'Em All?

I can't believe I am now back to my old-school-days-craze of Pokemon catching. Those were the times when I was glued to the TV catching every weekly episode and watching my cousins playing Pokemon on their Nintendo Game Boy pixelated screen. Almost 20 years later, people on the street of Singapore, from kids to uncles aunties, are glued to their handphone playing Pokemon Go - the evolved and more powerful version. What I have learnt for everyday life by being part of this craze (besides not to dash around dangerously): 1) Do your research There are certain tricks and background information to everything. Why I ended up with Squirtle instead of Pikachu? Because I didn't do my research la! Same for investing - if you didn't do your research properly and just go with the norm, chances are you would not be getting the good 'hidden' stuff. 2) Increasing your chance of luck also need technique You don't expect sitting around your house to catch some rare

Savings account promotions

POSB is currently running a 'Get 1.55% p.a. interest for 6 months!' promotion. Check it out here . How to get the deal? Deposit fresh funds* into your POSB Fresh Funds Account by 4 August 2016 . Fresh funds deposit via cheque(s), cashier's order(s) and demand draft(s) must be done by 4 August 2016, 3.30pm. During the POSB Fresh Funds Account opening process, you will be prompted to select an existing POSB/DBS Current or Savings Account to be used for signature reference. This same account will be used for the crediting of the Cash Gift Interest. This account has no applicable fees or charges. Capped at S$50,000, with no minimum amount required. Maintain the fresh funds deposited in the account for 6 months until 4 February 2017. What happens at the end of 6 months? The Cash Gift Interest will be credited into your reference account by 15 March 2017. Your POSB Fresh Funds Account will thereafter be auto-closed and the funds will be credited into your referen


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