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Happy CNY 2011 - goals and resolutions

Will this 兔 year bring good fortune? I think this year will be a challenging year. Probably would be staying out of new investment but would be reviewing my current holdings to sell when opportunity arises. It is still true to date based on my portfolio that Blue Chips are more worthy and higher dividend stocks rule. Forget about stats analysis and reading blogs /forum, it's all just speculations. Career wise needs reviewing too.  Not like I have much of a career to speak of anyway... Courage to lose sight of the shore how bout that? In one of my previous posts, I mentioned about setting goal as the first step in achieving something and then full stop. Things are of course not as easy as simple. Here are the SMART way to setting one's goal, which should be... Specific (what?) Measurable (in figures) Achievable Realistic Time bound (by when?) Okay that said, these are the things that I should start thinking about and setting goals for... - a realistic exercise regi