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Technology is fast changing standards and making waves - even for sports. Human chase technology to chase human.  A decade ago, we couldn't seek the kind of perfection that we seek now. All thanks (or no thanks) to technology. -- We are also seeing how technology advancement impact the trading scene through algorithmic trading . Developed markets are moving faster and at higher volume.  How to keep pace with machines? *Sweat* For retail investors who have no access to sophisticated trading machines, we shall rely on our own voodoo acumen, own poison concoctions tactics and /or *eh hem* investor idols?    (>.<) *** Check out my  Blog Archives here  for previous posts

The bad luck moments

I was paper-mopping (with those dust wipe sheet) the floor in my room and was too lazy to move my mini tea table out of my way, thinking that I would just watch out. As expected, in my haste, my mop handle knocked against the table edge and overturned my drinking cup. Non-chalently, I took the cup to the sink to wash. In the midst of washing, the cup handle came off and I cut my finger on the ceramic.  What bad luck! I should have been more careful. Right. These are the things that happen when we lose focus. When we know what we are  supposed to do but didn't do OR went ahead to do what we know we were  not suppose d to do.  Then we attribute it all to bad luck. Somehow somewhere, there will a little voice that urges us to just 'try our luck'. I guess that's why casino earns big bucks. Let's hope all the bad luck moments end in 2018. Count my blessing, it's just a minor cut.  :) ---- iShare emerging market has just

Year end reflections for 2018

I have been caught up with work, social activities, my favourite Korean shows and reading / trying out fluffy trading stuff lately. Guilty of not blogging enough, as it can be difficult to create unique topic to blog when my focus is on digesting new information that others have put up and... there isn't much hype to talk about lately. Just a wrap up for the year - 1. Started a new 'old job' I have mentioned somewhere in my earlier post that after about 2 years of venture in an SME, I have rejoined one of my old companies this year (a large-size local enterprise which coincidentally had a major haul over this year when I rejoined).  There were no lack of challenges due to the haul over and I have to flex more muscles on operational management than ever. At one point in time my unit is basically supported by interns and I felt like I am running a training school (thanks goodness they are all really wonderful kids). Despite the crises, I felt happier somehow

Candlesticks charting made simple

What have I been busy with? I guess picture says a thousand words. I have been reading up about candlesticks lately. What an art! It can be combined with trend-lines and momentum indicators like Stochastic or MACD to give buy/sell signals. The chart I marked above did not have inclusion of momentum indicators for the sake of simplicity. Candlesticks are remarkable tool for identifying reversal points . It is an indicator of which side of the fence has more people standing (bull vs bear supporters). As with any kind of indicator, it will not give sure-win 100% as sometimes patterns do fail. Nevertheless, these possible reversal points (candlestick patterns) can be alert us to observe and confirm the price action that may follow. A summarized version of important bullish / bearish reversal patterns here. Besides the normal candlestick, there's also volume candlestick . Two points to note below: "The volume is depicted by the width of the candle


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