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STI breaking support?

Or maybe support already broken? Looking at the market, it has been quite volatile in the past weeks with the Greek bail out still uncertain and oil prices nowhere near rebound. No major news that would shake the market but also no catalyst to push it back up at this point. Some things to note in my portfolio - Keppel Corp which I bought when it was 8.83 not too long ago has plunged to 8.44. Aztech group (AVZ) stock consolidation has taken place (10:1) in an attempt to raise their stock price in accordance to the minimum stock price requirement of SGX but it has resulted in further drop in price from $1.30 to 0.98 (I have yet to do an analysis on its business intrinsic value now but it was bought from years ago). If OCBC drops further (now is trading at $10.10), I would consider picking some lots. I have just reinvested its dividend at a pretty good $9.52 premium price. The sudden Mers outbreak in Korea might dampen Asia's economy, particularly as businesses and tourism w