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Pocket Frogs - it's froggy business

Just like there is no fun in games without goals / purpose, there is no fun in life without goals / purpose. Even when playing a seemingly goal-less game for example The Sims, you would still need to create your own goals or housing grand plans to keep the game moving - unless you are happy just staying in the same sized house with the same couple of friends leading the same lifestyle. So... sometimes games can reflect real life in minis-cure scale, but that is another story that I will leave to another day to blog about. Being easily addicted to games - and am not happy till I complete all the levels, I am now addicted to Pocket Frogs! Collecting frogs to get awards uses the old card-game concept, just that instead of relying entirely on sheer luck, it takes a bit of planning and organising as to the way you keep and breed your frogs. It is also something like a permutation and probability game (how that reminds me of Emaths haha). I even self constructed an excel sheet to track my

Looking at Tavi Gevinson

I vaguely recall seeing her name in the paper but I have never really bothered much, looking at the headlines, I thought she is just another materialistic teenage star-wannabe. Yesterday as I was browsing through some fun web videos on celebrities 'real age vs dress age', I came across the name "Tavi Gevinson" once again and was taken aback by her dress sense (FYI real age 15, dress age 75 - cos she was shown in gray hair wearing some tavern blanket-like clothes which made her look very much like a small granny). So I decided to check out this 'girl-next-door turned celebrity' fashion blogger. There is absolutely nothing I admire about her dress-sense, or rather, aesthetic sense. I am not talking fashion here cos I know noths about fashion trends and brands (except maybe for the world famous ones which I probably owned none), but from my humble aesthetic point of view she has a warped sense of colour-combi and proportion. It's like a topsy-turvy kind o