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The decision to quit

Ambivalence - that's the key word for me these 2 months. It probably made me sprout a few more strands of white hair (and I probably don't need my student to point them out). After weighing the costs and benefits, my decision is finally to quit. It's been 5 years since I joined (this company), including the bond period served. Now I have decided not to trade my time for money, trade my time for something that I don't enjoy doing most of the time and it has come to a point of stoic-ness at work. The risk here that I have to undertake is not having a stable income for a while until I settle for another full-time job. However, considering the amount of things that I can try out and courses that I have always wanted to take up which I would be able to after quitting, I figure it should worthwhile. Two courses that I would like to take would be Japanese language (to continue from my previous studies) and Post-grad dip in business. In life, we have to keep moving on.