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Thoughts about Financial Freedom

'Financial freedom' is used to describe the state of having sufficient personal wealth to live indefinitely without having to work actively for basic necessities according to Wikipedia. Although some others would define it as 'having a passive income so that you do not have to work or can choose to work to sustain your current needs and lifestyle'. However, along the road to financial freedom one would need to make many sacrifices. To get out of the rat race, one might put it (escape plan). If financial freedom is the ultimate goal, what is the purpose of you wanting to get to that? Can one be fully satisfied after achieving the so-called financial freedom? As long as we covet a certain lifestyle beyond the basic necessity and constantly want better, we can never TRULY reach financial freedom. The road to financial freedom itself is a rat race with a moving goal post. To work and enjoy life at the same time vs seeking financial freedom and lead a stressfu