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The diminishing return and SEAL exercise

This article " Why the best things in life are all backwards " has given me the perfect excuse for my laziness and stoic-ness.  (Hmm does believing in mind to be lazy produce the opposite effect? Opps, ok it doesn't seemed to work that way.) The diminishing effect of return Many things in life exhibit the diminishing return effect ( according to the economic textb: the law of diminishing returns states that as one input variable is increased, there is a point at which the marginal increase in output begins to decrease, holding all other inputs constant ).  To put it simply, when you overdo something, that something becomes less rewarding. A few examples  are - owning luxury goods, reading investment blogs / books, watching self-help videos and even writing blog posts can have the effect of diminishing return. "The difference between earning $20,000 and $40,000 is huge and life-changing.  The difference between earning $120,000 and $140,000 means you

Financial self-care

In financial self-care, one can seek advice or guidance from various professionals such as financial advisers, insurance agents and bank relationship managers. A very big caveat here is whether they are incentivized to sell you certain financial products in the disguise of "good will" advices (as illustrated on TTI's post here , it's lengthy so scroll to somewhere in the middle to read the relevant section). They do not have to "soompa" (like healthcare professionals) to act in the best interest of the clients (patients) and I am not sure if they abide by any code of ethics either. So if you do not take responsibility for your own money, someone else certainly will for you - to fatten up their own pockets.


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