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3 power crypto articles from 2021

Among many great crypto articles I have read last year, I have curated three of which I felt are still relevant to date and very insightful. If you are looking to read more brain-stimulating articles, you could also check out my recommendations in the  Weekend Brain Food series  (mostly are non-crypto related). So here we go. Trading the metagame "Watching the winners & locating the problems in crypto can be a way of identifying potential metagames in advance." "Sometimes you can simply see that you missed the current meta and use that info to exit positions that are out of meta to preserve value , or just take a break and restore mental energy. As the meta and attention shifts to new things, capital bleeds out of previous metas. People sell the last meta they fomo’d for the next one. It’s a video game. Players want to play, they don’t want to be idle. Traders use the meta to exit/rebalance longer-term positions. If you had a big position in some token, which sudden


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