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DBS Woman's Credit Card - How much rebate can I get in %?

Nowadays I tend to do most of my shopping online, so I am looking for a credit card that can offer maximum rebate based on my spending pattern. My most actively used one was the Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback card, which gives a flat 1.5% cashback on all spending. No minimum spend, no cashback cap. I just pretty much tagged every spending to it, as long as credit card is accepted for payment. That's until my Ruby card  came along with a 2% rebate in CRO. However, my CRO card cannot be used to top up wallets of platforms like Grabpay, Shopee. It worked well for normal online transactions in SGD as well as Paywave transactions at stores. One caveat to earning credit cards' reward for me is that I don't spend a lot per month, so hitting auspicious figures like $888 or $600 to be eligible for some higher tier rebate is mission impossible. That brought me to look at DBS Woman's Card which awards points for spending and they can be redeemed in minimum of 1

Reflections for year 2021

Investment and Trading Mr market has once again sank into lackluster mode since news of the Omicron spread. I think it's still too early to buy the dips as threats that Omicron poses to countries' economy re-opening remains to be seen. Although we see some glimmers of hope with the new COVID-19 treatment pills in pipeline.  With FED's bond purchase tapering, "hot money" flow will decrease which might deflate a bit of the Mandrake's tent  and rising interest rates might lessen indiscriminate spending. But will inflation of staples due to supply chain disruptions get readily resolved with less money printing? Hmm... Crypto I began to read up and learn crypto stuff seriously only this year - a late awakening. I started on crypto platforms like Gemini,, FTX and Celsius , finally ventured out to the once-elusive Defi world and dipped my toes into tokens other than BTC and ETH. Crypto (stablecoins included) formed about 20% of my investment portfolio. You


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