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SG Active Trading Tournament 2019

It is my first time participating in a trading tournament, just for fun. Contest's elimination round is open till 8th November. Total 1837 participants at the time of writing. My rank 38. The underlying derivative for trading is called 'DLC' which stands for Daily Leverage Certificates. You can read more about it here . "The issue price of a DLC is arbitrary, i.e. it is decided by the issuer, which is similar to the mechanism of a stock or an ETF. For DLC, issuers determine the issue price that strikes a balance between tighter spread and higher sensitivity. Because DLC issue price is arbitrary, for two DLCs of the same underlying asset, direction and leverage but of different prices, the lower-priced DLC should not be considered as more cost-effective than the higher-priced one. In fact, the higher-priced DLC will be more sensitive than the lower-priced DLC

You would start reducing waste if the world collapsed

This post is inspired when I caught news about a girl called  Greta Thunberg from a  couple of weeks ago . S he is a   Swedish teenage climate activist and the founder of FridaysForFuture .  Watch the TED video of her valiant speech below.