The bad luck moments

I was paper-mopping (with those dust wipe sheet) the floor in my room and was too lazy to move my mini tea table out of my way, thinking that I would just watch out. As expected, in my haste, my mop handle knocked against the table edge and overturned my drinking cup. Non-chalently, I took the cup to the sink to wash. In the midst of washing, the cup handle came off and I cut my finger on the ceramic. 

What bad luck! I should have been more careful. Right.

These are the things that happen when we lose focus. When we know what we are supposed to do but didn't do OR went ahead to do what we know we were not supposed to do.  Then we attribute it all to bad luck.

Somehow somewhere, there will a little voice that urges us to just 'try our luck'. I guess that's why casino earns big bucks.

Let's hope all the bad luck moments end in 2018.

Count my blessing, it's just a minor cut.  :)


iShare emerging market has just given me some consolation (from it's recent price plunge) by issuing dividend today.

It seems like the market is now trying to find a support level and we are all waiting for some stimuli to give the prices a kick up again. Will it come? Hmm....

26/12 update:
A little rally in the market came as US gov release stabilizing news and oil price rallied up.

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