Year end reflections for 2018

I have been caught up with work, social activities, my favourite Korean shows and reading / trying out fluffy trading stuff lately. Guilty of not blogging enough, as it can be difficult to create unique topic to blog when my focus is on digesting new information that others have put up and... there isn't much hype to talk about lately.

Just a wrap up for the year -

1. Started a new 'old job'

I have mentioned somewhere in my earlier post that after about 2 years of venture in an SME, I have rejoined one of my old companies this year (a large-size local enterprise which coincidentally had a major haul over this year when I rejoined). 

There were no lack of challenges due to the haul over and I have to flex more muscles on operational management than ever. At one point in time my unit is basically supported by interns and I felt like I am running a training school (thanks goodness they are all really wonderful kids). Despite the crises, I felt happier somehow. 

Maybe I have learnt to roll with the crises and became more tolerant.

2. Opened a leverage-based trading account

I have opened a trading account with SAXO and was short of blowing up my account before the Christmas 'snowing' (no rally and no x'mas presents TT). Here's why...

The US market has been very sensitive on news and sentiments ever since the trade-war started. Just look at how the price shot up after the truce and how it plummeted after some rate-hike announcement. If the market trends down any further, I think we will be seeing a 2019 bear.

A summary of what I have learnt in my dabbles:

- I entered my trade in No Man's land instead of waiting for the right entry points. (Did not stick to a system.)

- I set my stop losses too near in a wildly volatile market and got whip-sawed out several times when the prices gap.

- Not prudent enough to hedge my position in a volatile market and calculate the risk-reward ratio.

- In a trending market, do not FIGHT the trend by betting that the direction will change. WAIT for the change by observing the price actions.

- I longed stocks which the platform blocked from shorting. Thus, I cannot ride the opposite trend when there's a price directional change.

3. Trying out the Multiplier Account hacks

Multiplier account earns pretty good interest (capped at 50k) without having to lift much of a finger - I am sure you guys know already. But can still do a bit of finger-lifting to milk abit more interest, which I have done.
  • Have dividend credited to the account monthly. (Take note that stocks ex-div dates can be of one month difference from the actual pay dates.) If you are not into stocks and only want yield from the Singapore Savings Bond, here's an easy reference table for the bi-annually yield months. Eg. if you invest in Jan's bond, you will get paid in the months of Jan and July.
    FYI, starting from 1 Feb 2019 the SSB investment limit will be raised to $200,000 per person.
Jan Jul
Feb Aug
Mar Sep
Apr Oct
May Nov
Jun Dec

  • Maximize the DBS visa debit card paywave's rebate. For minimum of $400 monthly spent, you can get a 5% cashback rebate on contactless payments (T&C applies). So keep volunteering for buying gift vouchers or big ticket items for company if you can't hit the personal minimum spending. Note that contactless payment for Visa can be up to $200.

4. Summary of my SG stocks holding

I have sold some of my losers as well as winners and averaged down on some blue-chips. What can I say overall? I should have been more diligent in reading the news. Lol.

Current stocks holdings
Capitaretail China
First Reit
CapitaMall Trust
Keppel Reit
Mapletree Logistics
Starhill Global
ST Engineering

Stocks sold this year

City Dev

At times we tend to sit on the losers for too long, hoping that they will make a comeback. As the price drops gradually, little at a time, we don't feel the pinch (of course that's until one day you decided to look at your initial investment amount, ouch!).
At other times we hesitate on initiating a position and missed out on slow winners.

Which is the lesser evil - Boiling Frog Syndrome or procrastination in jumping onto the bandwagon?

5. Contributed 5k to my Special Account

Then on hindsight, wondering if that was a good move. Well, what could beat a 5% interest with zero capital risk? On top of that I can get income tax rebate. However, instead of putting the money in a 'locked cabinet' would it be better to invest the sum should the market tanks? Liquidity loss is not appealing at all. I do not think I will contribute again next year.

I contemplated if I should open an SRS account instead if I want more tax rebate. Then again, there is the problem of liquidity loss albeit lesser. Plus too many tied-in terms and conditions to consider. I shall give it a miss for now.


About tax-relief, here's a year-end must read which SGmoneymatters very nicely put up.

Merry X'mas! :)

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  1. Hi Rainbowcoin,

    Good set of reflections!

    I've also just started playing around with leverage. Dipping my feet in slowly to learn how things work.

    First time you "show hand"? Never recalled you blogging about your holdings before.

    1. Hi UN,


      Look forward to hearing how your leverage investments pan out. I find that in leverage investments, emotional control is very important as losses and wins are magnified.

      Yup, I don't blog much about my holdings. Still nothing much to blog about them. Haha.

  2. All the best for your job. hope you have a great 2019.

    1. Hey Kyith,

      Thanks! Have a blast for 2019 too.

      Your brain fart post was a hilarious read. Taught us some good lessons too!

  3. Rainbow girl,


    Have fun!

    P.S. Oh! Don't forget to keep an eye out for cute guys ;)

    Found one, don't think too much. Just go and say hello!

    What happens next crash got sound one ;)

  4. Hi SMOL,

    I hope the market doesn't give me too much of a roller coaster ride, too much fun for me to take.

    Thanks for the advice haha.


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