Inflation pain

Inflation is when Pepper Lunch stops giving complimentary soup, Korean dishes stops giving complimentary kimchi side dish, McChicken goes from $2 to $2.95 and to $3.25, and a 1-meat-2-vegs cai png now costs $6.50 (cos 三层肉 is considered special @$3). 😩

My $6.50 cai png which tasted meh

Paying more is the trade-off for convenience. Buying stuff to cook at home would be cheaper. However, for a single person meal, it seems a waste of time, water and electricity.

Food is about the only thing that made me feel inflation is overboard as the price increases are in double digit percentage.

GST is going to hike to 9% next year, it's likely that we'll see another round of staples' price hike. Yikes!

Time to go JB and get my stockpile of toiletries and medications.

It's frustrating that the Malaysia custom cannot process E-gate application on Fri-Sun. I shall be trying for the third time next week, keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks for reading!

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