Random thoughts: Time bombs, Living the present and Barista FIRE

Time bombs

Everything's a time bomb when you think about it.

Our life's inherently a time bomb. Stock market, crypto market are time bombs too.

When we spend too much time worrying about time bombs, especially those that we have no control over, we are subjecting ourselves to unhealthy and stressful thoughts.

You can make plans for the explosion time, if it makes embracing uncertainties easier. 

Don't live in jitters.

Living the present

When we don't waste time mauling the past and worrying about the future, we are present in mind for the present.

We tackle the problems at hand with our best effort, then just let them roll.

If something's solvable, try our hands at it again. But know when to move on.

Don't go trying to lift a boulder out of the way when you can walk around it.

Sometimes we delude ourselves into thinking there are no choices out there. Like you look at a tree and think it is the forest. 

You haven't probably haven't seen enough trees.

There are green pastures and there are always greener pastures. How green actually doesn't matter - it may not even be the shade that you thought it was when you are reached there. There will also always be some shit you got to deal with.

That's ok. Keep walking. (Just don't wonder into the swamps.)

What the heck is "Barista FIRE"?

FIRE stands for financial independence, retire early.

When one wants to retire, it gives the notion that one is tired of work. All kinds of work.

"Barista" stands for working part-time, so it is still work. Just less.

Then one devotes time to other things that are "non-work". Erm... like? Investing?

I don't know, but investing feels like work to me sometimes. Trading too. Even doing household chores.

Only assuring thing is - I don't get fired for not hitting the KPIs.

As for my "official work", I don't hate it. Ok, maybe some parts of it.

When you hate your "official work", will you try out other pastures?

So we have come to the conclusion that not doing "official work" = retirement.

I am Barista Firing then. That doesn't mean I will not go back to "official work" for the rest of my life.

On the same note, I would deem FI as important to me. 

Because FI allows me to deal with situations at home that I would otherwise not be able to, should I be working full-time. FI also gives me more freedom and time to pursue the things I want and do what I like.

Always waiting for the "right time" to do something is kind of like constantly moving the goal post. I would rather look back at my youth and regret on some things I have done, than things I have not done. Even though I know that they may not always be the "right" things.

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  1. FI allows one to take it easy with year end performance appraisal and following year KPIs setting and always indicates status quo on career development plan. :-)

  2. Barista FIRE works more for the US I guess, since most people need a job for medical insurance. Healthcare is a jungle over there.

    1. Hi Edwin,

      Ah... I see. So the concept spread here from the US.

      One benefit of Barista FIRE here instead of full FIRE is to get credit loans.

  3. Rainbow girl,

    More articles like this please!

    Sharing how you feel and what you think is what makes you unique ;)

    1. Yes sir!

      (Eh no poking?)

    2. Sometimes poke; sometimes compliment.

      I've learnt from you girls the art of flying "kite".



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