Secret to marriage and some updates

A non-crypto related video from a crypto Youtuber that I chanced upon known as Techlead. He brought up this notion of viewing being a housewife / househusband as a job... interesting concept. The part about "perfect" housewife / househusband graduates really cracked me up.

Any opinion on this from those who are married?

In this video, he mentioned The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse for relationships - a concept that I have not came across before. It is a guide showing us how to manage conflicts effectively (criticism, contempt, defensiveness and stonewalling).

At the end of the day, "rules are rules, and theories are theories". In real life, every couple's relationship and emotional dynamics may be different and it is sometimes difficult to frame with them.

Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash

(I don't advocate his crypto shillings.)


Alright, a quick update on my crypto portfolio. I shall be taking a short blog break from crypto posts. Nope, I didn't get K.O nor "Titan crashed", I just find that it's fun and time-saving to tweet random thoughts and do articles sharing (or retweeting) on Twitter, especially when I have no specific topic in mind to generate a proper post.

It's been slightly over a month into my Defi adventure. If you are curious on whether I am better off hodl-ing my ETH (which I used to seed my farming wallet) or change them out to do Defi "ponzis" and "farming", the answer is... I am better off on Defi for now. Not by a wide margin though. A quick calculation showed that I am higher only by 9% (some missed opportunities by being late to the farms) compared to hodling ETH. 

High APY/ APR there are often short-lived, that's how I have learnt to appreciate what is "crop rotation" strategy. Monitoring my health factor on Aave as it fluctuates is also becoming an addiction.

Speaking of "degen-ing" at the wrong timing. Due to the overall crypto market crash, I would definitely be better off if sitting on fiat or stablecoins than doing Defi farming (no amount of farming can rescue an absolute capital loss in progress). 

As with any speculation, there is no crystal ball to guide us on what we should do next, except our own due diligence and convictions. Know your risk/reward and stay safe if you are on the same journey!

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