Happy CNY, what's in your Ang Pow?

It's a tradition that I will blog every CNY. It is chu er today, I am still having blogger (writer) block and can only offer a light bite here (brain food still in oven). Rest assure I have not retired from finance blogging, I was just taking a short break. 

Inspired by SMOL's recent comment, I would like to ask

What's in your Ang Pow?

Money of course la!

Opps I am afraid not... that's currency.


Now that you know the difference, next is to ask yourself - am I accumulating currency or money?

The rich sought money in many forms - properties, assets, gold, silver, cryptocurrencies... you get the idea. The rich know very well the difference between good and bad money. They know how to get their hands on the good money too and keep them.

In this year, I have a very simple resolution - I want to learn more about money. I should have some free time on my hands after I paused my current rat race. The resolution is simple enough, yet not that easy.

I also need to train up my mental tolerability and discipline during this period. Use mind power to chant


[Side note: Cryptocurrency seems overly-inflated now by the institutions. Will be interesting to see what they are going to do with the cryptos they hoarded. ]

Happy Niu Year and stay safe everyone!

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  1. If we can find some frozen food that last at least 50 years in our fridge that is our money too. Ha ha!

    1. Hi Uncle8888,

      That sounds a bit scary. Even if have, will people dare to eat? Lol

  2. Rainbow girl,


    Now to offer the right-brained alternative answers to your question:

    1)When its from family and people that matter - its love ;)

    2) When its from corporate company or casual relatives/friends - its custom, tradition, social norms, etc...


    1. Hi SMOL,

      Yeah so many intangibles that we can tag to the Ang Pows. :)

      Eh, don't digress...


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