Cheapest short-term internet access for my home appliances

I know this sounds like an odd topic as most homes in Singapore are already subscribed to broadband service. The cheapest broadband service around that I can find comes at 200mpbs speed with a 24-month contract and $27.99/mth and $53.50 service installation fee. Not sure why they throw in free home phone line for "value-added service" when almost everybody have our own mobile phones. The next cheapest I can find is 500Mbps at $29.90/mth.

Why would I need to find the cheapest short-term internet access for home appliances? Of course it's because my current place is not subscribed to any broadband service. Also because I want to surf the internet comfortably on my laptop (instead of handphone) and I need the WiFi to run my Xiaomi home cam when I am out. As I am not sure if I would be moving out in the next 1-2 years, I don't want to commit myself to a 2-year broadband plan that nobody but myself would utilize. So... I brainstormed a while and came up with the idea to use MiFi! 

What's MiFi?

It's basically a mobile Wifi gadget. You know, that little "egg thingy" that you use when you go overseas to insert a local simcard so that you could share mobile data with your travel mates? Yup!

So how does this work? I just need to buy a MiFi, insert my simcard (with the provided adapter) and make sure the device is well charged. 

And how much does it cost per month?

Only $8. Ain't this brilliant? :)

This is because my M1 SIM-only plan comes with a whooping 30GB data (with weekend data free) that I can't possibly finish using that in one month since I don't watch dramas all day. Therefore, I subscribed to a share plan SIM to get another SIM card for this purpose. 

This is my Mifi, which I got from Shopee at $60.

If your old folks are staying alone and have no broadband access at home, you could also use this to let them 'trial' going digital.

I hope my sharing helps for those of you who are on a budget and need short-term internet access at home, or need to have a WiFi connection without using your handphone as a mobile hotspot.

Have other life hacks or $ saving ideas? Feel free to comment below.



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  1. I presume you don't need to do video teleconferencing for work. That really suck up all the juice of any broadband plan.

    1. Hi Lizardo,

      Nope, I don't. Closest I get is using Zoom to listen to talks.

      Yeah, broadband's definitely better when you need to teleconference frequently. It has unlimited data to be sucked, unless you mean the speed issue.

  2. Hi Rainbow gal, tks for the mifi info. I have been using it also, since I have abundance of HP data. But I cannot remember paying extra per month. It is just the extra cost for the sim card and the dongle cost. Maybe I remember wrongly.... ? Mine is starhub.

    By the way, have you heard of LiFi. Actually I am promoting this technology. This is the use of Light as wave to transmit internet data. It is much faster.
    see below video.

    1. Thanks Rolf! Will go check it out. :)

      The extra sim card is not a one-time cost leh. Got monthly charge one.


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