Rotten apples

I am a fruit wholesaler and I have got a pallet of rotten apples. Nobody wants to buy the whole pallet of rotten apples from me (duh!).

However, I cannot let the pallet of rotten apples just sit there bringing no value to my business. It's been years and I HAVE to get rid of it.

red apple fruit lot
Credit: Unsplash @carolineattwood

How about I force-distribute the rotten apples to all my business partners to bring home (portion divided based on their shareholding)? They can then try to sell them in the market to those who don't know better or keep for own consumption (eh?). 

So voilĂ ! 

The rotten apples are out of my inventory.

Erm wait, actually the pallet is run by my sworn brother so I cannot leave him in the lurch. He has previously taken a loan from me, so in order to help him, I have agreed to offset the loan by taking some of his apples in exchange to distribute. I hope he can use the money (now not needed to repay his loan) wisely to prevent more rotten apples from appearing in his pallet.

Anyway, with this, his pallet is now out of my warehouse.

Good days moving forward everybody? I certainly hope so.


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