When will a dream come true?
Is it only upon a blue moon
as I wait by the shade of the night hue
Praying that the time comes soon

When will a dream come true?
Is it the time when I finally wake
To a world of chaos
and it has no sense to make

When will a dream come true?
Is it a thing too much to ask for
Or am I just a gullible fool
Till the time I dream no more

From an original piece I have written back in 2003 on Deviantart


When I don't have too much mental capacity to trade or do anything else, I would now find solace and calm of mind in art creation. It's a passion which I have stopped pursuing after graduation and recently reignited. Given a certain time limit of each phase of life, we tend to give up on something of initial interest as we pursue what seems to be at the polar opposite end. When we finally reached that end, we may doubt ourselves on how meaningful is that. It's perhaps time for me to take a pause again.
[Read: Warran Buffett's definition of success - https://www.inc.com/marcel-schwantes/warren-buffett-success-principle.html]

Back to art.

Good art to me is a reflection of reality that can evoke emotions via the artist's work of imagination. Art a form of expression of our inner desires as we seek perfections in a world of imperfections.

I am especially impressed by this artist Yuumei. View her work here - https://www.deviantart.com/yuumei/art/Countdown-217677913

Thumbnail of Yuumei's art

She's one of the rare talented artists on Deviantart who advocates "do good" and provokes thoughts on environmental issues through her beautiful paintings. There's so much meaning packed into her art work and it's simply mind-blowing looking at the details of each one.

Have you found anybody that inspired you lately? Do share.

Many times I look at people I admire and say to myself "Wow, I want to be able to do that!" but the next moment I start making excuses on why I can't. 

Regardless of what we are most passionate about, as long as we can tie our works to the notion of "doing good", spiritually, that should be far more fulfilling than only monetary gains. However, I have started to realize passion is only possible when you are the boss - when you don't have to pander to the standard of your boss but to your clients who appreciate your work for what it is.

We need to be our own boss at some point of time in life. Don't live in vain.

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  1. Hmm....Someone prepping to tokenize her artwork on ethereum ah? Kekeke

  2. If we can tokenize artwork to sell for charity cause I think that will be awesome. However, accountability wise it would be an issue (but on the bright side not transparency issue).

    It could be an idea to explore for the eth community.


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