It's mad rush for gold again

Source: Saxo
After the first mad rush for gold in March, the price did a pull-back and shot up again on 14th April.

Circled points are the support levels that were good entry points.

It takes some guts and conviction to stay vested during pull-backs in an uptrend.

Any price of a good investment opportunity can look expensive when retraced backward and look cheap when extrapolated forward.

So we need to be visionary when investing. That's how I have been investing in the SG stocks in the past few weeks besides usual trading. Best performer is MLT.

SG stocks portfolio current: -8.4%

Has the covid peaked? Is this the start of another bullish trend for stocks (due to cheap money) or just a dead cat bounce (as covid lockdowns impact earnings moving forward)?

Only time can tell.

We are navigating murky water again now.

YTD P/L. A bit bloody initially.


It really sucks to work when most people WFH and sucks even more to see people going out to shop with family (and kids?!) as though it's weekend. I hope the Circuit Breaker will not get extended.

CB is a perfect time to find out what we can do without and ways we could be saving money.

Services, products, time-wasting chores, meet ups... Now we realized how some people are making big bucks with non-essential services and we suddenly realized we might not have "invested enough" into what are essential, taking them for granted during "peaceful times". Quick resources redeployment is critical should the pandemic persists.

I hope people take this opportunity to invest in themselves as well as invest in good causes, not just in stocks.

Even though at times I wish I have achieved FIRE, I guess those who are planning or already on a lean FIRE might be facing some set backs. Dividends payout delay, dividend yield cuts and lesser investment capital for draw-down are some of the challenges faced.

Those who have enough spare cash (aka warchest) to invest are the ones who would reap the most return when the market rebounds.

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