When "huat kueh" becomes "ang ku kueh"

STI continued its downward spiral today.

And my "huat kueh" (those on paper gains last month) mostly have became "ang ku kueh" now. SMOL sure will mock poke why didn't set SELL alert?!

SG Portfolio down 9% to date  :(

I wonder will they flatten some more to become roti prata.

I bet they will be real "tasty" then. Can gobble and grow fat from all that oil yield. 
Hmm... Provided they don't do drastic cut.

It's not too difficult to make Ang Ku Kueh I realized. 
I meant the real ones.

Ok, jokes aside.

It's no fun to see US stocks bungee jumped. If you thought the blue chips are bad, wait till you see these...



More gap


There has simply been too much euphoria fueling the market for too long, now it's losing air like an over-inflated balloon. And in a fast and furious way.

For newbies in investing, yes, this is how scary the bear looks.

Did some swing trade set ups, hope they will pan out well.

Some facts on (Saxo) trading I have learnt since
  • Tencent holding is considered a different "stock class" and cost USD25 per trade on SAXO instead of the usual USD4+
  • VIX cannot be shorted
  • Futures cannot use CFD

Watching the RSI and volume may prove to be useful.

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  1. Rainbow girl,

    Mock your head! (I slap your forehead)

    I don't mock; I poke.

    What's the difference?

    My poke is like when you with your jie-meis, see a cute looking guy, you poke your friend, "Look! Look! 小鲜肉!"

    Or when your friend driving you home, you notice he dozing off or getting distracted... Poke. "Eh, traffic ahead!"

    I gentle already. In Zen training, the master will carry a big stick and when he sees student monks meditating and dozing off, whack!

    1. It's my bad, SMOL qian bei. Amended liao. >.<

      Where have I seen that scene... Kungfu panda?


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