Making hay while the sun shines

Knowing this phrase is one thing, practising is another.

When we got a 'prodrome' that disaster is coming, we should stock up our food pile. When we got 'prodrome' of a market crash, we should keep our hay (start cashing out). 

What to do when market ALREADY started crashing? Too late to cash out without incurring losses.

This brings us to the Chinese proverb - 临时抱佛脚

The same applies to countries and companies coping with a pandemic. Planning ahead is important. Who is well equipped and who has the protocols in place, when the outbreak happens and shit hits the fan we will all know.

Are you a thinker or doer?


Now then say warchest not enough to slowly buy as the markets plunge?

Now then say 'why didn't let go of my bad investments earlier'?

Now then say 'why didn't I buy those bonds when times were good'?

Now then find the long-forgotten watchlist?


Still not too late to open a trading account to short the market now.

But wait... haven't honed the skills to do that yet!

Article to read: 6 charts and the 6 trillion loss

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  1. Rainbow girl,

    Not a word I see everyday - prodrome?

    Looked it up. Learned a new word today :)

    OK, I'm guessing you working in the medical sector?

    Yup. Its not about PLANNING to make hay, but actually MAKING hay ;)

    Most people just talk a lot, think a lot, and of course plan a lot...

    But never get round to ACTING before something happens!

    1. Hi SMOL,

      Yeah, it's meant for diseases. I thought you already knew my occupation? Haha

      NATO - I also learnt a new acronym from you.


  2. The art of making hay during long summer to last over the next winter is heavy on mind and wallet. Hay is rotting with no cows to feed!

    1. Hi Uncle8888,

      No cow to feed nevermind. Line below pillow and make comfy mattress.



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