Watchlist: CSCO and INTC.xnas

Chart from SAXO. Not sure why got 2 thick black lines.

My trading account has gained 6% since start of August. My value-investor friends thought that trading is a risky affair. Yes I don't deny it's risky, therefore I am 'risking' only a small portion of my portfolio to do trades for fun and some side income. As much as I need to diversify my portfolio, I feel I should diversify my skills too.

I cannot be too quick to attribute my gains to trading skill at this point, it could be beginner's luck for all I know. Besides doing TA and trade set-up, one thing I find very important in trading is the discipline in execution. When it's time to close, it's time to close - regardless of gain or loss.

Begin with the end in mind. For those who are interested to find out more about trading, check out my recommended resources here.

Watching the news could be as important, if not more important, than watching the price movements. (Price movements are often reaction to news and no amount of TA can beat the news. TA reflects but not predicts.) I am keeping my eyes peeled to Alibaba's earning report that is coming out soon and of course outcome of the trade talks.
News for thought here - Doors slam shut for China deals around the world.

I recall in JC days I used to hate reading any economic or business news, but now it's quite the opposite! When you get to understand something, you will start to enjoy something more. :)

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