Comfort Delgro (C52) - my lost treasure after 5 years

Round 1: Bought $1.57
Round 2: Bought $1.46

Sold all at $1.84 in year 2013

Gain: $0.325  :)

But price rocketed in the years after. -.-
Silly me.

Round 3: Bought $2.02

Selling at _________ ??

I guess I won't be selling it anytime soon and likely to be collecting more if opportunity presents itself.

Not going to "let the car drives off without me" again.


Update 29/9/18:

Current price at $2.43

What has changed - the Taxi landscape

Uber has been bought over by Grab and as a result, Comfort Delgro has one less competitor. Grab is also offering less of a promo for rides these days and spent much marketing effort promoting other revenue streams through its Grab Pay.

In the latest unconsolidated financial report, C52's revenues see gain of SGD 941.1 million against SGD 893.1 million a year ago, attributable mainly to the improvement in the underlying businesses and contributions from new acquisitions with SGD 46.2 million. Cash from operating activities has increased. Profit after tax has reduced.

Although oil price is back on the rise, we won't know the impact yet till the next year earnings are out.



  1. After selling in 2013; you didn't recycle this recovered capital from CDG?

    1. Hi Uncle8888,
      I recycled, but the dividend returns + capital gain weren't as good as if I had stayed vested in CDG.

    2. Recycling capital and re-investing is not as simple as we think. Take profit is never wrong; but can be wrongly reinvested. LOL!

    3. That was the period when CDG price went up, up, up but the Keppel I invested in went down, down, down. :(


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