If only I could turn back time - II

If only I could turn back time

I would have invested in...

1. Apple (AAPL)?

2. Tencent Holdings (0700.HK)?

3. Bitcoin?

Ya, in my craziest dream.

Bitcoin looks like it's shooting for the moon. Here's a good read on Understanding the Cryptocurrency Boom.

Image result for pooh balloon float
"Would their prices go up, up and away?"


  1. Rainbow girl,

    Hmm... Maybe its just me.

    I would just go back and buy $1 quick pick on the past Toto cascade draw winners :)

    For the 3 examples above, to get millions in capital gains, we still need to put in at least $100K in each position leh...


    Who interested in dividend yields when we see others getting sexy capital gains?

    1. Exactly, who would want zero/negative capital gain but a 5% annual gain over 50% annual capital gain?

    2. As usual, should bet only money we can lose for those 'hope' of high capital gains. :P


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