Richdad's cashflow game

My friend introduced me to the richdad's cashflow game which can be played online for free (click here to play). I think it's a great beginner learning tool to introduce kids (or anyone else lacking in financial literacy) to grasp certain concepts of cash-flow and investing.

My takeaways from the game

  1. Clear your debts first. (A good read here.)

  2. You don't have to act on every opportunity

  3. Calculate the yield % on investments that give passive income before investing

  4. Investing needs both elements of skill and luck

  5. Buy low, sell high (patience, patience... duh)

  6. More money = more investment opportunities = higher returns

  7. Life likes to throw you the unexpected when you least expect it

  8. Even if you have achieved financial freedom, you might not necessarily get to achieve your dream



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