Good lobang - DBS Visa Debit Card
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  • From now till 31st December 2017, accumulate a foreign currency spend of S$1,500 on DBS Visa Debit Card and get S$50 Cashback.
  • Get S$10 Cashback when you charge S$200 to your new DBS Visa Debit Card within the first month.
  • Get 5% cashback when you pay using Visa payWave, through your card, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Android Pay. Keep your cash withdrawals to three times or less and up to S$400 every month.

The deal's a bit sweeter than the Standard Chartered Unlimited Cash Back credit card which I have just gotten. (However, SC's sign up cash back is damn good.)


The best decision I made today is to bring in my clothes, even though it was bright and sunny before I left house. 天有不测风云。It started raining cats and dogs when I was walking home. 

Moral of the story:
Make hay while it shines. Just remember to take profits off the table before sky turns dark (especially if you aren't very diligent in monitoring the weather).


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