Blue-black chips' 2 years flash back

A quick recall to my old blog post Blue Chips in Red Sea, I have done another mini simulation here. (Got nothing much to do in my short break before starting new work hehe.)

This was the list I put up in Sep 2015 -

Fast forward 2 years...

Which are the 'blue-black chips'?

Most of the chips managed to rebound quite a bit, except Noble Group and a handful of the black sheep. CityDev, Jardine, Genting and GLP soared.
[Apologies for missing out Capitaland that time.]

Have you made the right choices 2 years back?


Let's take a look at how the 'blue-black chips' dividends are doing.

ComfortDelgro - Yield has increased YOY. Recent dividend payout in August was $0.0435. As for how its dividends would keep up in future I find it hard to say since it has quite a few sub business units to keep it afloat while Uber and Grab grabbed its taxi market share. At least one can take comfort in its dividends. No pun intended.

HPH Trust - Dividends have been declining since its crazy high in year 2012. Thus, it makes a poor dividend play stock. And as we thought Trust is about returns through payouts... cough cough.

M1 - As we can see, the telcos weren't doing too well in this bull run. Only Singtel managed to withhold the storm well (smart move to IPO Netlink trust). M1's dividends dropped significantly this year. With about a 40% drop in its dividend from past average, it's no surprise that there's a 40% drop in share price.

SPH - The past high dividends of $0.07 and $0.08 are also suffering a drop to $0.06 and $0.03. That is no doubt tied in with its earnings. When I started investing 7 years back, my friend bought SPH and I was chiding myself for not doing so. Looks like time changed - what seemed cheap 7 years ago still cheap now? Think.

Starhub - This is one stock that I have been watching due to its consistent dividend of $0.05. I wanted to type '10 years no change' then paused... cos I realised in 2007 it was $0.04. Do you feel the déjà vu? 
Singtel's dividends also see no light. I shall just sit on the sideline for telcos for now.

Just a side note, GLP and CityDev's dividends can't beat inflation. Good for capital play but maybe not so good for long-term investment (of course also subjected to one's entry price).


  1. Yeah. So if one's portfolio isn't making money in the period of running bull, then one must re-look at his/her 3M. ;)


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