I work best when my boss is not around

  • I can work at my 'own time, own pace' at researching, planning and implementing new projects, rather than having to keep fine-tuning things that are already in place.
  • I am better motivated by stories and visions. Less so by money and in-between kind of power. Anyway since I am not doing sales, technically speaking, I have less 'rights' to ask for higher pay / monetary rewards. :(
  • Boss likes to micro-manage and correct things down to the bones, so there are often drafts after drafts to submit.
  • Boss likes to change his mind frequently. I call it "roti-prata" style.
  • When I am stressed with too many little things (multi-tasking over stretched), my work efficiency drops drastically as I will keep 'forgetting things'.

People don't quit because of the job.

People quit because of the boss. 


  1. Hmm .. think you are more towards self employed or free lance type of jobs/works 😊

    1. Hi Uncle8888,

      Yeah, I missed those days. But no holiday, leave, bonus and benefits.

  2. Rainbow girl,

    Glad you have pened your feelings down.

    You have "empathy" when you become a sheperd.

    You'll know behind the acquiescing "Yes, boss!" what your underlings really feel when you can't make up your mind or fail to give them space to do their work ;)

    There are many managers; few can be leaders.

    1. Hi SMOL,
      What about a shepherd dog? I
      f I give my sheep too much space or guide them in the wrong direction, my shepherd would not be pleased. LOL.


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