Luck or Hard work to Catch 'Em All?

I can't believe I am now back to my old-school-days-craze of Pokemon catching. Those were the times when I was glued to the TV catching every weekly episode and watching my cousins playing Pokemon on their Nintendo Game Boy pixelated screen. Almost 20 years later, people on the street of Singapore, from kids to uncles aunties, are glued to their handphone playing Pokemon Go - the evolved and more powerful version.

What I have learnt for everyday life by being part of this craze (besides not to dash around dangerously):

1) Do your research

There are certain tricks and background information to everything. Why I ended up with Squirtle instead of Pikachu? Because I didn't do my research la!

Same for investing - if you didn't do your research properly and just go with the norm, chances are you would not be getting the good 'hidden' stuff.

2) Increasing your chance of luck also need technique

You don't expect sitting around your house to catch some rare Pokemon. You can only catch them by moving your ass out to places where they are touted to inhabitat. Just as the saying goes "Opportunity is for the prepared", so go to venue XXX, put up some lure and sit for X hours to greatly increase your chance.

Evolving the Pokemon also has tactic. Choose those with CP score towards the end of the scale. Better still if it is high in numerical, but the scale is more important. Because when it evolved, the CP will also be at the higher end.

So get the tactic right and plan your moves, that's very important in winning any game.

3) When all else fail, hard work prevails

What happens if you just can't get enough luck in catching a Gyarados (despite going all the way to Chinese Garden)? Just go and catch 101 Magikarp!

Magikarp is one of the easiest catch. If you are able to catch an average of 3-4 a day, you would get enough candies in a month's time for a magnificent evolution to Gyarados.

Similarly, not all shortcuts work out in life. If you think investing is going to be a shortcut to all your financial woes, first you must make sure that it does not add to your woes. Also, make sure you have a backup plan should it fail. Doing it the Magikarp way is like focusing on saving to gain wealth and hoping to catch a Gyarados is like betting on 4D hoping to strike.

Quoting Uncle8888:  Wealth = Financial Asset + Human Asset

So when your investments did not work out, you know what to do uh?

Yeah, we can all be like Ash in our own ways and marking our own journeys. 

Happy catching!

If there's pay-per-charge mobile phone charging stations (like vending machines) near the Pokestops, I think it would earn pretty money from this craze.



  1. Catch Magikarp?

    Come to Punggol Park or Blk 401 open space opposite Punggol Park.

    You catch until sianz. LOL!

    Here full of rats, birds and fish! Due to the nature of park and pond?


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