7-Minute Workout

Been sitting in front of computer for too long? Here are 12 sets of work out that you could do in a small space within 7 minutes.

Try it daily. :)

If you think that by doing multiple sit-ups you are gonna get rid of your belly fat, you are so WRONG!

The exercises that really get your abs muscles working mostly involve leg movements. Don't believe? Try this out and let me know if your abs muscles ache the next day. You would know which muscles you worked on when they ache. Lol.


Tips: Make sure your lower back is flat against the mat and you suck your tummy in. The video mentioned it at the Toe Tap part. To check that, try to slip your hands under your lower back and make sure they can't be slipped through.

You can buy cheap dumb bells from Daiso. They are bottle dumb bells that you can fill with water to use.


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