Revisit: Share price woes of Keppel Corp

An update

Current share price: $6.10

Stellar earnings no longer stellar... but getting "staler"? (consolation, at least 18's results are better than 17.)

One of the big culprits of my 2015 portfolio massacre. I must have been quite stupid to buy it again at $6.82 last year. Now must wait long long for it to slowly recover...

Post below first published on 7/3/2016

"Keppel Corporation announced earnings results for the year 2015. For the year, the company reported net profit fell 19.1% to SGD 1.52 billion, with its fourth-quarter results hit by a SGD 230 million provision for the default risks tied to a USD 4.9 billion rig construction contract with the financially stricken Sete Brasil. -SGX 2/3/16"

Biggest dip for share price in the year: $9.54 to $4.64 (a whooping -51% that sent the price below its NAV)

Current share price: $6.19 (-35% from Yr 2015 high)

Keppel's offshore and marine sector contributes 53% of its total revenue.
Here's a short analytical article by The FifthPerson.

The good things are they have set aside provision for the Sete default risk and still paying out dividends albeit lower than previous. Rumours have it that they may be selling some assets eg. stakes in M1. If it does, then we can expect this year's balance sheet to look a bit prettier.

So was the price of last year's $9.54 irrationally high? Or currrent $6 irrationally low?

Go figure.

My little note:

Stockmarket is a weighing machine in the long term, but the human psychology makes market irrational in the short term. We should learn to control our emotions on investment - hold back if we find ourselves too optimistic, and let go if we find ourselves too fearful or pessimistic. Think through the facts and options then decide.



  1. Waited so looooong! Sembcorp Ind is worse! That one is looooooooooooooooooooong

    1. Sembcorp Ind - bought, sold, and forgone

  2. I have colleagues who were still encouraging each other including me to buy at $9+. I was the only one did not buy.:)
    You mentioned Keppel sell M1? Don't think so, they are trying to take it private (buy).

    1. The selling M1 news was in 2015/16 time.

  3. Even after annoucing dividend, it continues to drop. So $5 is likely...


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