How much do I need to retire?

I used the DBS retirement calculator here.

And discovered I need at least $1 million to retire if I want to retire 20 years from now (that's in 2036). Assuming I spend only 60% of my current income on retirement.  (I suspect the system didn't take into account any prospective pay rise or maybe it just assume a flat inflation rate of an unknown x% for all the current figures. My shortfall predicted at $xxx,xxx with a beautiful chart representation.)

So what now?

I have to do either or all of the following in the years before retirement:

  1. Increase Human asset value
  2. Increase Income and Saving
  3. Increase Investment portfolio value and yield
  4. Create / acquire growing tangible assets
  5. Create / acquire growing intangible assets
And also put the magical effect of compounding to work.

So how to do 1,2,3,4,5?

One at a time.
One step at a time.

Very simple right...

No, it's easier said than done.

Which has the best possible return?
Which the least return?

Which has the highest risk?
Which has the lowest risk?

Which is the easiest to achieve?
Which is the hardest?

Which have better sustainability?

Aiyo headache! So many million-dollar questions. Let me go and take a kit kat first.

If you noticed, the primary objective of the bank wanting you to use this free calculator is actually to ask you to save / invest more (with them). ;)


  1. Your milestone of cash flow from portfolio of interests (Fixed income), Dividends (Variable bonus) and trading profits (OT allowances)

    Target 1: Cross monthly pay

    Target 2: Cross annual bonus

    Target 3: Cross 60% of annual taxable income after tax

    But beware of Grasshopper.



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