My loser stocks

Keppel corp - down 34.3% (caught a falling knife)
Bakertech - down 56.6% (an old stock bought and forgotten as a result of laziness)
OCBC - down 11.9%
Sempcorp - down 10.3%

My investing report card this sem is marred in red by the "oily bear".

Moral of my story: Besides not catching a falling knife. Need to get more tools and sharpen them at the same time. With more tools, one would be able to utilise the right tools at the right time whether to hedge or to profit from the bull// bear market. (What is 'right' and how to utilise? Homework - go and figure them out.)

Update on 21/3/16

Rebalanced my portfolio + price rebound + cut some losses to minimise further risk exposure. Finally double digit (%) paper loss now became single digit.

In a bull market, priority is to maximise profit. In a bear market, priority is to minimise losses.

Sempcorb on the turn-around?


"That’s one of the crazy things: in the real world, things generally fluctuate between “pretty good” and “not so hot.”  But in the world of investing, perception often swings from “flawless” to “hopeless.”  The pendulum careens from one extreme to the other, spending almost no time at “the happy medium” and rather little in the range of reasonableness. First there’s denial, and then there’s capitulation. "



  1. How about past P/L?

    How about learning to look at portfolio including cash/war chest?

    Looking a single stock level is sometime sickening. :-)


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