Don't try to catch fish in muddy water

He waded into muddy water hoping to catch big fish: He entered a stock position of which he is unclear of the company and stock price situation.

He stand in the muddy water and hope the big fish swim would swim into his net: He just waited and hope the price would change to his favour.

Even when a fish does swim into his net, he doesn't know to pick it up and leave: Even when the stock price does a small rebound he refused to sell his position.

He remained stuck in the muddy water.

That's the story of a speculator.

There could be no fish at all to catch. He could be just wasting his time and effort.

Maybe there are big fish but how would he know? Guess work?

Maybe when one day enlightenment decides to shine down, the muddy water would clear up and then he would know whether there's fish or no fish to catch.

Any muddy waters have you waded in before? Care to share your catch or experience?

[Quote: Olam, Noble group, Silverlake axis, MIIF, Cosco corp...]


  1. No problem with muddy water if we don't mind catching catfish which are actually quite easy to catch even in middy water. LOL!

    1. So honoured to get poked by Uncle8888, hehe.

      Care to share some tips on how to catch the slippery catfish? ;)

    2. During the day, look for catfish in muddy water areas, such as a tributary and its outflow.

      Read? Beginner's Guide to Catfish Fishing

      Sianz when we caught those brown catfish but those bigger black catfish with pointed tail is still OK. Stew it with black beans and drink soup. Jiak poh! :-)

    3. Hi Uncle8888,
      Catfish only astute fishermen like you can find lah. I really thought you've got a blog post on baiting catfish. *gasp*


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